Using Stag Do Accessory Ideas to have the best Night out Ever!

Using Stag Do Accessory Ideas to have the best Night out Ever!

We're sure you've all heard someone say that the best nights out are the ones that just happen, the ones that aren't planned. Well, we respectfully disagree. We believe the best nights out are the ones that are planned perfectly. For example, have you ever been on a night out, partying hard on someone's stag do and not enjoyed yourself?

Of course not, that's because someone spent time and effort to organise it. The best man has to make sure everyone knows when and where to be to celebrate their friend's stag night. And we want to help you make it a celebration to remember. Although alcohol plays a big role in almost every stag night, or any party for that matter, we think there's more to a great night out than just good booze.

Firstly, there's picking the right crowd. Unfortunately, this isn't something we can help you with. However, we're sure you'll surround yourself with the best people to celebrate your friend's stag night.

Secondly, you'll need to set the venue. Budget should be one of your main considerations here. Many keep their stag nights in the UK, but there are a large number of people that take their party abroad, usually to mainland Europe. Below are two lists of some of the most popular stag do locations, in Europe and within the UK. These locations come highly recommended from people who have stag doed them already.

Top Stag Do Destinations in the UK
1. London 2. Bristol
3. Bournemouth 4. Brighton
5. Liverpool 6. Newquay
Top Stag Do Destinations in Europe
1. Dublin 2. Ibiza
3. Barcelona 4. Prague
5. Amsterdam 6. Budapest

Finally, you'll need that something to create a bit of banter within the group. This is where we come in. Whether you're looking for a stag do fancy dress costume, some rude novelty accessories or even some daring stag night games, Party World are at your service. We've got a wide range of fun and exciting stag do accessories that are sure to get everyone in the mood to party (especially when combined with drinks).

We've created a list of some of the most popular accessories used for celebrating stag do night. If you want to make sure everyone enjoys your friend's stag do, our selection of stag do accessories will give you just what you need.

Blow-Up Doll (female) – This is probably the only date that is acceptable for a stag do. And don't worry, we won't tell your friends that you had to pay for her. It will be our little secret.

Rubber Boobs – With all that testosterone floating about for this manly celebration, everyone at the stag do will be trying to get their hands on a set of boobs. Hence it's the perfect accessory for a stag night.

Borat Mankini – Every group of mates has that one individual who's a practical joker. He won't say no to anything, so dare him to wear the Borat Mankini all night, then watch the banter flow.

Giant Condom – If there's one thing that we, at Party World, are adamant about, it's that everyone should be careful and safe on a night out. When partying hard on your mates stag do, what better way to stay protected than with a giant condom?

Dual Beer Bong – What's better than a beer bong? You guessed it, a dual beer bong! This way everyone can split a beer with the stag in possibly the classiest way possible.

Yard of Ale Set – Then again, if you're not the type to share your drink, you'll want a yard of ale all to yourself. This stag do accessory is a must for that one party member who can hold their drink better than anyone else.

Dare Cards Stag Night Game – This set of thrilling dares will get each party member testing their minerals. Who's got what it takes to be the ultimate stag darer? Only one way to find out.

Drunk & Disorderly Labels - It's almost a sure thing that, if you're celebrating your friend's stag do, at least a few of you will have a few drinks. When this happens you can at least warn members of the public with drunk & disorderly labels.

Juggling Boobs – At the beginning of the night, get everyone to draw straws, or down pints, and the loser is the lucky individual that gets to wear some juggling boobs for the whole night.

Bullshit Card Game – If you've played bullshit then you'll already realise what a great idea this is to get the party started. If you're not familiar then stag do bullshit is the perfect icebreaker game, especially if there are any party members that are unfamiliar with each other.

We understand that you really want to make it a night that the stag will never forget, and hopefully you'll find some stag night party ideas amongst our top ten accessories. If you can't however, or you would rather make it more of a personal experience, then we encourage you to give us a call today on 01276 38795 or visit us in store.


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